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We are always looking for exceptional reception staff, terrific technicians, technician assistants and phenomenal kennel assistants. Although it does take someone who loves animals to work at a veterinary office, you must also love working with people and putting the client first. Please see below for requirements on each ...

We are always looking for exceptional reception staff, terrific technicians, technician assistants and phenomenal kennel assistants. Although it does take someone who loves animals to work at a veterinary office, you must also love working with people and putting the client first. Please see below for requirements on each position.  If you are interested, please fill out the application and/or come to the clinic to fill out an application packet. We have a binder with written job descriptions for all positions that we encourage you to look over. Sit down, stay a while, meet the staff and find out why Animal Hospital of Rowlett is an amazing employment opportunity.

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Client Services Representative

Must have experience in a client service/reception position.  Veterinary experience is not required, but is a bonus. A CSR is not "just a receptionist". You are the gateway to our practice, the first person a client speaks to on the phone, the first person they see when they arrive and the last person they see on the way out. Our CSRs are invaluable and having a friendly personality, being able to multi-task, having an excellent memory and possessing the ability to remain poised under pressure are essential job duties. You must always have a smile, always come in uniform, and always be prepared to help our clients in any way necessary. We expect a lot from our reception staff. They must have veterinary medical knowledge and learn quickly--as reading medical records, learning vaccine schedules and being able to assess an emergency is vital. Please read the job description for the reception position to determine if you think you meet the qualifications. 


Must have experience as a veterinary technician at a previous veterinary practice (preferably small animal). Veterinary experience is required for this position. We do not train our nurses the basic veterinary technician skills such as blood draws, catheter placement, anesthetic monitoring, etc. We do require that anyone hiring for this position do a working interview to show us that these skills are in place. We do train how WE monitor anesthesia, how WE read records, how WE fill medications. We follow AAHA guidelines for canine vaccines and AAFP guidelines for feline vaccines (we suggest you read up on these protocols prior to your interview!). We do require our technicians to test "out" of certain tasks before you are authorized to perform them--for example, you may have monitored anesthesia for 20 years, but we will train you on how WE monitor anesthesia, you will take a written test and will assist with a "practical" before we ever schedule you to monitor anesthesia alone. This is ultimately for the safety of our patients, but also our way of ensuring you are comfortable with a task before being asked to do it. While we don't train what we deem "Basic Tasks" of a nurse, we do spend a lot of time "teaching". You will have CE courses, the doctors will show you things and help you to gain a better knowledge of why things are done. Client communication is key and we expect our nurses to educate our clients on important topics, such as vaccine protocols, heartworm testing and prevention, labwork/senior labwork, chronic drug monitoring, and intestinal parasite testing.  We are always seeking talented, experienced and dedicated individuals to join our nursing team.

Nurse Assistant

Nurse assistants must have detail oriented personalities that allow them to anticipate the needs of the nurse and follow through with tasks. Veterinary experience is not required for this position, although it is often filled with individuals who have interest in going to school to become a registered veterinary technician. This position helps you determine if this career path is something that you are truly interested in and allows you to pick up terminology and pharmaceutical items that will help you succeed in the program. The nurse assistant position is mostly comprised of learning proper restraint skills, learning how to set up and break down surgical and dental areas, and learning the importance of cleaning and disinfecting all areas of a veterinary hospital. Our nurse assistants are expected to be professional, helpful and friendly.  They must take direction well from co-workers, as their job is to assist the nurses with any tasks needed.  While nurse assistants do not have significant client contact, they are often expected to help out at the front desk or in boarding discharges, which means client communication must be great.

Kennel Assistant

Kennel assistants must have a love of animals and not be timid around cats or large dogs. No experience is necessary for our kennel assistant position.  It is a "gateway" position into veterinary medicine and many of us started in this area. The kennel is a great way to gain knowledge of veterinary medicine and have hands on experience with the pets, without having prior experience. Kennel assistants must still be outgoing and comfortable speaking to clients, as you do still have contact with them at the drop off and discharge of their pets to the Pet Hotel. We always want clients to feel comfortable leaving their animals with us, as this can be stressful for both the client and patient. The kennel assistant role is very important. Animals must be monitored closely for changes in behavior, eating/drinking, bathroom habits, etc and doctors must be notified quickly if/when any changes occur.  The animals will develop relationships with the kennel staff and this helps them to be more comfortable when coming to have an extended stay at our clinic.  You truly "must love pets" to work this closely with them. Kennel assistants must be available to work weekends and holidays, as these are the busiest times for the Pet Hotel.

Although Animal Hospital of Rowlett is not always actively hiring, we are always accepting applications. We will go through existing applications prior to posting any position openings on job boards. We hope that you will take the time to come tour our facility, meet our staff, and see how we work together. I think that you will find that AHR is a warm and welcoming place to work, full of individuals who work as a team for a common goal....happy, healthy pets (and clients!).

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We Are AAHA Accredited

The Standard of Veterinary Excellence

To become an AAHA hospital member, candidates must complete a 39-page self-assessment reviewing the hospital's services and facilities. Then, a trained AAHA practice consultant thoroughly evaluates the facility to be sure it complies with AAHA veterinary care standards.

Animal Hospital of Rowlett
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