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Your Puppy's First Visit to the Vet

Your first puppy visit will be an extensive learning experience!  We want to give you all the tools needed to care for your new furry family member.  First puppy visits will allow plenty of time for you to ask questions and make sure you have all the information you need to raise a happy, healthy puppy.

Your visit will begin with a "puppy talk" from one of our experienced nurses.  They will send you home with a packet of brochures, samples and written documents on how to care for your new puppy.  We will go over the most up to date behavior and training information and help you with potty training, sit/stay/lay down and how to introduce your new puppy to other pets and children.  

Action Plan for Vaccination and Care Schedule

Each puppy receives a clay paw print so you can remember their cute little paws (or big puppy paws depending on their breed)!  You will go home with a first  dose of heartworm prevention.  Each puppy gets an action plan where we lay out a plan with you for vaccine schedules.  Each puppy gets a free nail trim and puppy massage at each puppy appointment because we want to help get them used to having their paws touched for future visits as an adult dog.

Low-stress Puppy Nail Trim - We Are a Low-stress Handling Practice

We pride ourselves on being a low-stress handling practice.  They will have gentle, loving handling from their very first visit which will help us continue to be able to handle them as adult dogs.  It is important that they do not fear the vet and that they are comfortable here, and that starts with their very first puppy appointment! To the right is a perfect example of what we mean by low-stress handling. This little fellow didn't even know he was getting his nails trimmed, but he sure loves going to the vet!

We are so excited for puppy kisses and hope you schedule your puppy's visit right away!

We Are AAHA Accredited

The Standard of Veterinary Excellence

To become an AAHA hospital member, candidates must complete a 39-page self-assessment reviewing the hospital's services and facilities. Then, a trained AAHA practice consultant thoroughly evaluates the facility to be sure it complies with AAHA veterinary care standards.

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