Animal Hospital of Rowlett Hosts Talk by Veterinarian and Animal Behaviorist Amanda Florsheim titled, “After the Storms: Helping Pets Cope.”

Amanda Florsheim led a discussion titled, “After the Storms: Helping Pets Cope.

In December of 2015, Garland and Rowlett Texas were hit by a round of devastating tornadoes that left 800 homes destroyed, 2,000 damaged and countless imprints on human and animal residents. At the Animal Hospital of Rowlett on Jan. 11, veterinarian and animal behaviorist Amanda Florsheim led a discussion titled, “After the Storms: Helping Pets Cope.”

Florsheim said after she saw the path of the tornadoes, she called the hospital owners to see how she could help. She was thrilled when they suggested a workshop to aid owners with scared pets.

“You just feel so powerless when something happens. And being able to contribute is important,” Florsheim said.

Christen Lynch, practice manager of the Animal Hospital of Rowlett, said the staff wanted to provide the public with reliable information. “Even if they’re not injured, it doesn’t mean they’re not impacted after the storm,” she said. “We wanted to address that for people because we figured it’d be something we’d get lots of calls on. And it has been.”

The talk was covered by a team of Dallas Morning News Reporters. You can reaf the entire story at the link below.

Read the entire story at The Dallas Morning - When worry strikes the furry: Tips to help stressed pets cope after a disaster

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