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What our clients have to say about us:

Client Testimonials - What Our Clients Are Saying About Animal Hospital of Rowlett

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Here's what some of our clients have to say about us:

Sophie having a great time at her vet visit:

Sophie visits Animal Hospital of ROwlett

Oh and we bring our kitty fluffy too! All of our animals are so happy. For years he suffered from pain and now he's happy and active. Thank you so much! Best vet ever.

Fluffy visits Animal Hospital of Rowlett

We love the Animal Hospital of Rowlett
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Digger thanks you!


I was amazed that the Vet actually sat down on the floor for as long as it took to make my pet comfortable. By the end of the visit my Chihuahua was acting like the vet was part of our family. Amazing !!

Don R.

Our sincere thanks to the staff at Animal Hospital of Rowlett, and particularly to Dr. Downes. What a caring, wonderful physician to our wonderful Benji! Dr. Downes went above and beyond in her care of Benji. He is flourishing and is scheduled for his first "post-bobcat" grooming tomorrow...thanks to his wonderful care. The Kirks highly recommend the Animal Hospitals of Rowlett and Heath. We know our pets (4) could not be in better hands!!

I think that the Animal Hospital of Rowlett is a wonderful pet hospital. The staff is always wonderful and helpful and the doctors are all experts in animal care. I wouldn't take my pet anywhere else for care.


If I could give Dr Downes 10 stars I would.  I rescued a cat, Tooter, from a bad situation and after a bit he developed a large growth on his abdomen. I took him to the vet I was using at the time and he performed a surgery. Lab results were non specific, only lymph tissue. Within a month the growth came back to double, triple the previous size. Vet wanted to do another surgery, I wanted second opinion. Here is where Dr Downes comes in, she was highly recommended by a friend. She took a biopsy and sent it to a pathologist in Oregon, I believe.

It came back as histoplasmosis. It's a fungal type infection that Tooter got from breathing in spores released from the ground where either birds or bats were.  OMG, I had rescued him from a little old lady where he was an inside cat. I had been there cleaning and cleaning her house, ripping out carpet, etc.  We humans can breathe in the spores and we can get histoplasmosis too.  I went to get checked and sure enough it was in my lungs. I had to go on an anti fungal med for a month. The average person can many times fight off this infection but if your immune system is compromised, and you don't know you have it, it can be fatal. Well I have rheumatoid arthritis and have been on medications that lower the immune system. I mean medicines that even check if you have this infection before they give it to you.  So.....if I had not met Dr Downes, who was the right vet, who knows what would have happened.  Tooter did better for a while with meds but eventually succumbed to the disease. He had it for a long time. He was a wonderful kitty. RIP Tooter

Then I referred my friend to Dr Downes because her dog Nicky was not helped by other vets.  Dr Downes turned him around too and eventually saved his life after he had a health emergency.

So you see, I love me some Dr Downes.  The Animal Hospital of Rowlett is a state of the art diagnostic hospital with all of the up to date technology.  If you want the utmost in care. Go here!


Odie BellaHi, I'm Ms. Odie Bella! My mommy and I LOVE the caring staff and superb services at AHR. First, I get greeted by the devoted animal lovers of AHR. Then, I get to jump on the scale and see how my hour-glass figure is holding up. Shortly afterward, I am taken into my own private room while waiting on the nurse and doctor. I love all the doctors, but Dr. Clary is a favorite, because she has the coolest animal stethoscope! She has also done a lot of my treatments. I also get my favorite "cheese in a can" treat while there.  AHR's staff always know what I need to make me feel better when I'm sick and make sure that I stay healthy throughout the years. Thanks AHR for all you do for me!

~E. Cook

BarnumBarnum and I love AHR because everyone makes us feel special even though we are both old, deaf an almost blind.  Barnum’s favorite  is  Dr. Clary, but he also loves the gals who do his nails (they have cheese in a can).
The Animal Hospital of Rowlett is very professional in every way, and my wife and I have a lot of confidence in the entire staff from top to bottom.  Thank you all.....

~Dick and Barnum

Princess GracieJust wanted to say thanks for treating HRH Princess Gracie Rae like the Princess she is today! I was so happy to hear that she actually liked her bath and getting dried off and did not put up a fuss!

We sing your praises to anyone we know who have 4 legged fur babies and are looking for a loving facility to care for them.  Everyone has always shown true concern, care and kindness for our “kids” and it is obvious that all of you do what you do because you love it!

I am attaching a pic of the Princess – she was totally worn out by her day of beauty at the Puppy Spa!

Take care and thank you all again for everything!
Thank you again!

~Teresa and Walter

Our puppy Shrek, stayed at your Pet Hotel for 5 days and NEVER in my life have I ever experience such great service! We missed him very much and we could wait to have him home being his big dopey self :)

We were so pleased to see how the staff were and that the facilities are so nice and clean! He came home healthy, happy and smelling better than ever! Old lunch-face McGee, with dog breath that normally could melt eyebrows -  was smelling as sweet as a rose! Seriously, we want to know the secret! Is there some secret dog breath mint and/or shampoo you'd recommend?
Thank you again!


 We had to bring in our dog last night around 7 who was very sick. I cant say enough good things about everyone there that we had to interact with. We had to put our dog down, and I was so impressed with how everyone just went above and beyond. I do not feel i was able to adequately show my appreciation last night, and just wanted to let everyone know how my husband and I were truly touched by everyone's genuine spirit.


Keep up the good work.
see you all soon.

Thanks for always being there for us.


~Brad, Lori and all the kids.

 It really shows that the entire staff are animal lovers. You are caring and gentle with your patients and look to do the most effective treatments while considering patients
finances.  Thank you!


 You have a great staff. Thank you for the excellent care of Roscoe.


 We brought our 1 1/2 yo Charpei/lab in for her spaying. Blondie loved having the tech lay on the floor with her and making her feel truly loved. The surgery went well and I brought her home that night. She slept and had no problems other than not being hungry for 24 hours. The staff had told us to expect that and what other conditions that might happen relating to the surgery. Thanks for all your great care!!


When I brought my dog to the animal hospital of rowlett, I felt very secure in my decision to have my baby treated there. The nurses are very helpful and show great empathy towards my concerns and questions about my dog. I felt like we were not rushed when we saw the doctor. We had plenty of time to ask questions and receive great answers. Their boarding facility is also great! It is well kept and has great variety in cages for your loved ones. When I took my complimentary tour of the boarding facility, I started boarding my pup right after. I will never go to another vet.

~Penny H. - Denton, TX

 I've been taking my dog, Floyd (rescue pit bull terrier mix,) for a few years now. I have been very happy with the quality care he has received. The doctor was very thorough. I am happy with the attention he has always recieved. The staff is very kind and knowledgeable in performing all his procedures--especially since he can sometimes be a little challenging to handle! I have also boarded him there several times and have been very pleased with the condition of the kennels, the attention to directives I gave them and the care and attention he received. I really liked the variety of cages for the animals and that the large, luxury suite was perfect for Floyd.

~ Cheri E. - Plano, TX

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