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We Are an AAHA Accredited Hospital

AAHA Accredited veterinary practice

To become an AAHA hospital member, candidates must complete a 39-page self-assessment reviewing the hospital's services and facilities. Then, a trained AAHA practice consultant thoroughly evaluates the facility to be sure it complies with AAHA veterinary care standards. More information ...

Prescription Management Service

Vetsource Home Delivery

We are pleased to offer our clients home delivery of Hill's Pet Nutrition and medications. Just click the button above.


Rowlett Pet Grooming Services

Quick Turn-around Grooming Service

Schedule your grooming appointment for a morning drop-off Monday through Friday, your pet will be bathed, primped, pampered, and will ususally be ready for pick-up later that afternoon. Express grooms are avaiable. Ask for details.

Can't pick up until after work? No problem. Rest easy knowing your pet will enjoy the remainder of the day in Doggie Day Care facility with people who love animals and know how to handle them properly.

Stress-free Professional Pet Grooming

Unlike those noisy big-box pet grooming mills that "churn out" dozens of grooms per day with little regard for your pet's experience, an AHR groom will treat your pet to a soothing, spa-like environment.

We have only one groomer which means your pet will see the same stylist on every visit. How's that for a custom cut?

How We're Different

Most grooming mills "process" your groom with high-powered electric clippers and a "get 'em in/get 'em out" mentality. Not us. Our groomer gives each pet a hand-scissored groom which results in a cut that's custom-tailored to yours and your pet's specific needs.

Plus, each groom comes with premium shampoos and conditioners, brush, blow-dry, ear hair pluck, ear cleanse, nail trim, and anal gland expression. Let's see the big guys do that! More on how we're different

Cat Grooming Services - Rowlett Texas Cat Grooming

Professional Grooming Packages

Rowlett cat groomingWhy We Require Pet Vaccinations for all Grooms

At Animal Hospital of Rowlett we require each of our beauty patients to be current on all vaccinations. This is for your comfort and your pet's safety. Those big-box pet grooming stores like Petco and PetSmart only require rabies vaccinations. That's to protect their groomers, not your precious loved ones! Just one more reason to choose Animal Hospital of Rowlett for your pet's health and beauty.

Feline Package

Includes bath, brush out, nail trim, anal glands, ear cleanse, and cut if desired - typically $65 and up.

Shave-downs and lion cut  - typically $85

All cats are bathed, groomed, and held in a feline-only area of our hospital with no exposure to those noisy ol' dogs. Our groomer proceeds very quietly and grooms in slow, stress-free "stages."

Though we always try to groom without sedation first, should your "Nervous Nellie" need a sedative, we require lab work to be run 48 hours in advance of the groom for cats over 5 years old.  We'll happily re-schedule your appointment should sedation be needed.

Looking for dog grooming? Visit our dog grooming page for specifics on your treating your dog to our pet spa and beauty boutique


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To schedule your pet’s grooming appointment,

Call 972-412-0101 or Schedule Appointment on-line


More on How We’re Different - Quality Over Quantity

So, you've probably never heard a company say "Quantity, not Quality"...but that is exactly what you get in some of the "big box store" grooming and boarding facilities.  In addition to the fact that respiratory diseases can run rampant since most only require rabies to groom and board....there are some other scary facts about the grooming/boarding facilities that follow this mentality.  

Maximum of 15 grooms per day - all are ready to leave by noon!
*Pets requesting medical services in addition to groom may take longer. You will be called when your pet is ready for pick-up.

At Animal Hospital of Rowlett and Animal Hospital of Heath, we pride ourselves on being just the opposite....QUALITY OVER QUANTITY...so instead of taking as many groom dogs as humanly possible and having lots of loud, un-vaccinated barking dogs shoved in a large, loud room--all being groomed at the same time by numerous different groomers...we take a maximum of 15 grooms per day and they are all ready to leave by noon!  

Your pet will always have the same groomer, every visit

At Animal Hospital of Rowlett and Animal Hospital of Heath, our groomer has lots of experience and has been grooming for over 25 years.  Many large grooming shops offer on-the-job training and have groomers who are brand new graduates of a two or three week grooming course.  In fact, many are tought quick tips like just washing the head and the back of the dog since this is what most people "smell" when they pick them up.  We pride ourselves on high quality shampoos and conditioners and have pets soak to get off that stinky mutt smell.

At Animal Hospital of Rowlett and Animal Hospital of Heath, you always  have the same groomer who learns your pet (what they like and don't like, how they prefer to be handled, how you like their hair cut, what their skin type is like for shampoo selection, etc).  Many of the large grooming facilities have 20-25 groomers on any given day and rotate through working for these companies for short periods of time.  You never know who you are going to get.

We never use high-heat dryers

At Animal Hospital of Rowlett and Animal Hospital of Heath, your dogs are treated as individuals and are catered to depending on their specific needs.  They are given water and are walked during their grooming stay.  They are given fresh blankets and towels to lay on. We never use high heat dryers to make them dry faster (this can actually cause some breeds to overheat).  

We take the same approach to boarding...instead of an enormous facility who can accept hundreds of dogs to board in a loud open room, we accept a minimal number of boarders at any given time, which allows us to ensure individual attention and make sure that we provide a stress-free environment for all our patients

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